Who am I?

Organization Direct Linda Clevenger

I am Linda Clevenger, a farmer’s daughter from New Jersey who started earning a pay check at the age of 12. I have experienced the trials and struggles of 3 children (within 5 years), an ADD husband and an ADHD child and all while being the spouse of an Active Duty Marine. I have been the stay-at-home mom, the baby-sitter mom, the working mom and even the family breadwinner at one point. So, after 24 years of marriage and over 20 years in Corporate America I started Organization Direct.

About Organization Direct

I launched Organization Direct in 2007 because I needed more and wanted to be known for my impact on the community. I wanted to help others through their struggle to become organized.

I started out organizing homes (physical organizing) and within 2 years I decided to use all of my corporate experience and work with businesses and Entrepreneurs. (After all, I have experienced their struggles).

I quickly identified that everyone, home owners and business owners, struggled in the same 3 areas…time management, schedule management and paper management. And that almost all of my clients have experienced some form of distraction. This is what has caused their need to get organized.  So I developed systems that help both home owners and business owners to manage their time, schedule and paper. I now provide a variety of coaching and training to empower people organize their space physically and mentally.

My Philosophy:

Clutter and a lack of organization is not simply a matter of too much stuff and no place to put it. It is a matter of mindset, systems, and developing a thought process that allows you to avoid chaos and overwhelm. When you can think clearly, you are able to move forward to reach goals and dreams that you never thought possible. Simply put…an UnOrganized Mind does nothing – an Organized Mind Achieves Results.

Why work with me?

I take your struggles and desires seriously. I listen to you and provide individual and personal solutions to help you step out of your overwhelm and chaos. I work with your organizing style to develop systems that are simple and easy and help you identify blocks that keep you from reaching goals.

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We offer assistance with:

  • File Management
  • Paper Management
  • Development of Time Management Skills
  • Daily Business Organizing
  • Home Office Organizing
  • Accountability
  • Streamline of processes and systems
  • Senior/Boomer Downsizing of Homes
  • Reduction/Removal and Donation of Items
  • Hoarding  

Our Team

  • Victoria-400
    Victoria learned the benefits of home organization early in life. Growing up in a military family, her family moved 10 times before she graduated from high school. She holds an...
  • Tamara-400
    Tamara is the EBay expert for Organization Direct. So many times there are items in your home that we just aren’t sure that we should eliminate. Are they worth money?...
  • Charlotte-400
    Charlotte is a true Entrepreneur. She also has decades of experience in the work force. Charlotte has started 2 businesses from scratch including their office organization, filing systems, office procedures....
  • OfficeAfter-4-150x150
    Myrna has been in management for thirty five years – a major part of those in the hospitality industry. Her strengths include: great customer service and insuring our customers are...