Transform Your Space

Enjoy just a few of our before and after pictures from our clients. We hope that this will inspire you to decide to make a change and begin to enjoy your space as well. As you can tell in the garage pics, we use our resources to meet your specific needs. Call and find out how we can help you too! Our passion is to help you live without clutter and our pricing IS affordable.

Before and After #1

This is a family room that needed some TLC.  They will SO enjoy using this room again!


Before and After #2

This desk was functioning great for “pile management”.  Not it is functional and user-friend for the entire family.


Before and After #3

WOW!  Everything found a home.  2 full-dressed motorcycles, a car, refrigerator, grandchildren’s bicycles, lawn equipment and storage too.


Before and After #4

This itty-bitty closet served as storage and inventory for a business.  After just a few hours, it is now functional, useful and you can actually walk in and take a look around!


Before and After #5

Everything needed was already there.  This office just took some simple organizational techniques to make it user-friendly.


Before and After #6

Life can just get in the way and piles happen.  The end results was wonderful.


Before and After #7

We removed the unwanted and unneeded items and designed a space using simple file cabinets for a desk and kitchen cabinets from our local Home Depot for over-head storage.  She loves this space!


Before and After #8

This was a true transformation.  We went from using an 8 foot old metal table to an office space that provides her the ability to actually “be” the photographer she wants to be.  The cabinets above were taken from an old garage, refinished and installed by our design team.  The desk is made up of Ikea Kitchen Cabinets with pull-outs for various scanners along with drawers for storage.  This space was only limited by our own imagination!


Before and After #9

This is now a functional closet.  We removed and donated 14 bags of clothing and shoes.  A fabulous closet that she will love.  No more unwanted clothes, clutter or items that weren’t supposed to be in the closet.


Before and After #10

Everything had to be boxed up and tossed into this room after a major flood that affected two floors of this home.  We had toys, storage room items, office items and miscellaneous “stuff” in boxes that needed to be sorted again and organized.


Before and After #11

This is an office that needed to serve multiple purposes.  It needed to serve as a home office for a Silpada Jewelry business, a place for the boys to do their homework and for household filing and bills to be paid.  Now it meets everyone’s needs.

 An Unorganized and Unusable DeskA functional desk space


Before and After #12

This family made a military move from Texas to Virginia with 22,000 pounds of furniture and other items. They needed to downsize and organize their space in order to allow their family to enjoy their new, beautiful home.  We started with the boxes just as they had been left by the movers and ended in a beautiful dining room that they can all enjoy!