Home Organizing Solutions

A cluttered home can cause stress, anxiety and affect your daily life.  Sometimes, it is just too

much for you to handle by yourself.  It can seem as if you are on a hamster wheel keeps turning and turning…and nothing gets organized.  We offer home organizing solutions to meet your specific needs.

Organization Direct offers a variety of home organizing solutions to de-clutter and organize every area of your home including, kitchen and pantry, bedrooms, garage, closets, basements, bathrooms, foyer or entryways, children’s playrooms and home offices. 

Home Organizing Solutions with Organization Direct include:

Dining Room to be Organized


  • De-clutter, eliminate and organize your space
  • Guide  and assist you through the sorting process to help you make smart decisions about what to keep, donate and/or toss.
  • Make organizing and storage recommendations to you.  We’ll even shop for you if necessary.
  • Remove all donations and items to be eliminated for you.  (We bring in the truck and haul it away).
  • Provide you with receipts for tax purposes
  • Help you set up an easy to follow To Do List.
  • Be your trusted partner in the entire process – all information is confidential.
  • Refer you to ethical and honest business owners that can help you other home improvements (such as closet design, stagers/redesign and small move managers).

Home Redesign and Staging Solutions

We have an interior designer on staff that allows us to customize and organize your space! We offer assistance with:

  • Color and style
  • Window Treatments, Blinds, Pillows and Accent Pieces
  • Cabinetry
  • Custom office desks, bookcases and other office furniture
  • Re-Upholstery


Your Home Office

Your home office is the core of your home.  All of your mail, paperwork, files, and documentation flow through your home office.  It can easily also become the dumping ground for everything that you don’t know “what to do with”.  This is where our home organizing solutions come in!

Paper clutter is a cause of stress for many homeowners, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses who work from a home office.  It is important that your paper system be designed to meet your specific needs.  Unpaid bills, late payments and missed appointments can cost you frustration and money.

We work in your home office to:

  • Set up a paper system that you can use and follow on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Offer professional guidance on what paperwork should be kept, tossed or recycled and shredded.
  • De-clutter your space and eliminate unwanted and unneeded items
  • Develop a calendar system to improve your productivity
  • Suggest organizational products and tools that will be beneficial to the overall function of your office.


Schedule Management, Self Management and Time Management

Work together to develop consistency in systems and processes to get more done without stress and overwhelm. 

  • Identify your organizing style to best determine how you should organize your space
  • Identify time-suckers and how to eliminate them and/or fine-tune them
  • Learn to identify what slows your productivity
  • Learn the process of breaking down goals to ensure that they are met
  • Strategies for finding more time each day
  • Using technology to manage time more efficiently
  • Develop strategies on prioritizing and finding focus
  • Develop a system to track all family member schedules


Client Action Plan – (CAP)

Together we will create a Written Action Plan to:

  • Identify your areas of struggle
  • Plan, develop and implement immediate step by step changes based upon your struggles – using a proven Action Plan to keep you organized daily
  • Follow-up for a 1 month period to ensure that the Action Plan is meeting your needs.   

Just like your Business Plan, an Action Plan will help you stay focused on your personal goals.

“You can get more done when you have a plan and a system in place”


 Relocation Assistance

  • De-clutter and eliminate prior to your move
  • Put you in touch with moving companies that will are suited to your individual needs
  • Assist with the packing and unpacking of your homes
  • Set-up your home