Office Solutions

Organized Office

An unorganized office will cost you time, money and business.  The time that is spent looking for what you need can cost you a client.  Typically, the average person spends an hour a day looking for something, usually it is a piece of paper that is lost in a pile.  Being unorganized gives your business the appearance of being unprofessional.   If you are serious about how you do business, your office should have systems and processes that you follow every day.  Being organized will help you avoid that feeling of overwhelm and anxiety that can keep you up at night.

Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and home-based businesses can benefit from having an organized office.  Get more done, ease stress and make more money…get your business organized.  Organization Direct provides:

  • De-clutter and eliminate unwanted and unneeded items from your office.
  • We spend time with you to identify your areas of weaknesses, strengths and identify your time-suckers.
  • Streamline systems and processes to maximize your time in the office.
  • Create a customized paper filing system that will allow you to find what you need, when you need it.
  • Develop an customized electronic client management system and inventory system specifically for your business
  • Set up your computer system to mimic your paper system and allow you to easily find your paperwork.
  • Suggest a calendar system that will resonate with your specific needs, abilities and capabilities.

Schedule Management, Self Management and Time Management

Work together to develop consistency in systems and processes to get more done without stress and overwhelm. 

  • Identify your organizing style to best determine how you should organize your space
  • Identify time-suckers and how to eliminate them and/or fine-tune them
  • Learn to identify what slows your productivity
  • Learn the process of breaking down goals to ensure that they are met
  • Strategies for finding more time each day
  • Using technology to manage time more efficiently
  • Develop strategies on prioritizing and finding focus

Develop a system to effectively track your schedule