We offer a variety of Services to assist you in organizing your home and office.  Taking Action is the only way to reach any goal.  Nothing happens until something happens!

Check out our Services and Programs below:

Basement, garage, closets, kids room, living room, dining room, kitchens, foyer, storage, attic, move-in/move-out, downsizing, ADD, OCD and Chronic Disorder

  • Services to eliminate items that are no longer needed
  • Guide you through the process of making the hard decisions of keep or toss.
  • Make donations of items to the charity of your choice – in your name for a tax write-off (along with an itemized sheet to document all of your items and their value)
  • Remove items for you and take your stuff to the dump
  • Provide you with a list of items that may be needed to organize your space.  (You can find products @ www.clevercontainer.com/398
  • Leave you with a space that is functional, practical and that you will love
  • Provide you with a list of honest and trusted resources to include:  handyman, contractors, interior designers/home staging and redesign

Home Office – The Foundation of Your Family

  • Services to sort through paperwork to determine whether it should be shredded, trashed or filed
  • Eliminate items and clutter that does not belong in your home office
  • Create a solid mail system foundation, using our Proprietary System, that can be used daily (by every family member) to manage incoming paperwork and mail, manage your finances, manage school paperwork, schedules, taxes and even coupons.
  • Create a home filing system for all of your important documents
  • Develop a schedule that will allow you the freedom to spend more time with your family.
  • Develop a system for electronic receipt filing
  • Develop an inventory and documentation system to protect your home in case of a disaster
  • Recommend electronic tools and techniques to improve productivity

Schedule Management, Self Management and Time Management

Consistency in systems and processes to get more done without stress and overwhelm.  When you can find what you need, when you need it you’ll enjoy life.

  • Identify your organizing style to best determine how you should organize your space
  • Identify time-suckers and how to eliminate them and/or fine-tune them
  • Learn to identify what slows your productivity
  • Learn the process of breaking down goals to ensure that they are met
  • Strategies for finding more time each day
  • Use technology to manage time more efficiently
  • Develop strategies on prioritizing and finding focus

Downsizing and Relocation

When life requires that you downsize and/or relocate we help you make the decision about what to keep, donate and/or eliminate to make your new home organized and cluttered-free. 

  • Assist with the elimination of unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary items
  • Do the research to find the best local moving company to meet your specific needs
  • Pack of non-breakable items (we leave the packing of breakable items to the movers)
  • Unpacking of all items
  • Organize your new home

CAP – Client Action Plan

Together we will create a Written Action Plan to:

  • Identify your areas of struggle
  • Plan, develop and implement immediate step by step changes – based upon your struggles – using a proven Action Plan to keep you organized daily
  • Follow-up for a 1 month period to ensure that the Action Plan is meeting your needs.