Hands-On Organization

hand on organizationThis is Organization Direct and Your getting “hands-on” down to the nitty-gritty of becoming organized.  Schedule an appointment and we will work together step by step to ensure your Organizational success and design a personalized system that works for you.  We help you make 3 important decisions:

Keep it…
Donate it…
Throw it Away!

We work both with the items in your home (that you already have available) and/or make recommendations for materials needed to meet your needs.  We will help you make the hard decisions to enable you to move forward in your home and/or office.

Our solutions include:

Schedule Management, Self Management and Time Management

Work together to develop consistency in systems and processes to get more done without stress and overwhelm. 

  • Identify your organizing style to best determine how you should organize your space
  • Identify time-suckers and how to eliminate them and/or fine-tune them
  • Learn to identify what slows your productivity
  • Learn the process of breaking down goals to ensure that they are met
  • Strategies for finding more time each day
  • Using technology to manage time more efficiently
  • Develop strategies on prioritizing and finding focus

Client Action Plan – (CAP)

Together we will create a Written Action Plan to

  • Identify your areas of struggle
  • Plan, develop and implement immediate step by step changes based upon your struggles – using a proven Action Plan to keep you organized daily
  • Follow-up for a 1 month period to ensure that the Action Plan is meeting your needs.   

Just like your Business Plan, an Action Plan will help you stay focused on your business goals.