Visit often for little organizational tips that can have a BIG impact on your life!

Below are Five Tips to Balance you work Life for Best of Both worlds.

  1. Prioritize the Time in hand.  Usually we fail to plan and work accordingly to the priority, wasting valuable time.  Prioritize your list daily.
  2. Learning to say “NO”.    The recognition of self is the greatest when it comes to saying “NO” to a particular thing or person.  It is not necessary to agree to everything that is asked of us in order to have effective time management.  It might prove to be the biggest landmine to balance in life and work if we keep on trying to make everyone happy.
  3. Organization of Tasks. Properly organized tasks bring more productivity to your business. Each and every task, if organized, allows the thinking time to execute the task. A smooth flow to the events keeps our nerves cool and calm and allows productivity.
  4. Don’t strive for perfection. We can’t strive for perfection in each walk of life, it will lead us to discouragement and stress. We need to know the difference between trying to do the best and being obsessed with an idea.
  5. Quality matters than quantity.

The time spent with family needs to be quality time rather than working on the laptop on vacations with family, it is better to take short trips and be totally with our loved ones.



Know your limits!  Don’t try to get it all done at one time.  Chunk your tasks out into either 15 or 30 minute increments.


Plan your day!  Write down your list of “Intentions” (or To Do) in the evening.  I can hear you now….I don’t have time.  It realistically should only take a few minutes from your evening.  Those few minutes can save you HOURS tomorrow.  Make this a habit every day and keep your “Intentions” in a convenient place that you can find them in the morning…(your night stand, on the refrigerator or your bathroom mirror work well).


Try this…get up 15 minutes earlier every day.  Use those 15 minutes for yourself…coffee, tea, relax.  Do something that you enjoy.  This is a great way to begin your day.


Think positive thoughts throughout the day.  Make the decision that no matter what happens, it is positive!  This is hard sometimes but it works.  If you change the way that you think, your mind will allow you to move forward with your goals.  Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive when it comes to our thoughts and actions.  Thinking of you and sending your happy thoughts and actions.